Sound postcard – street poetry

Russian is a beautiful language, and one which was made for poetry. Coincidentally – or maybe because of that – poetry has always had its place in the mainstream culture. It’s difficult to find a Russian who would not know at least a couple of their favourite stanzas by heart. Poetry also makes its way to the streets. Here is a poetry reader on one of the main tourist spots in Moscow, only a couple of steps away from the Red Square:

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3 thoughts on “Sound postcard – street poetry

  1. I wish I could read–let alone speak–Russian. For some reason still unknown to me I got hooked on 19th century Russian lit as a teenager. By 20, I had read basically everything there was, and Turgenev and Dostoyevsky remain, many years later, a major influence on my life view. What’s going on, ha ha?… So I tried the soundcloud link but it wouldn’t work on my iPhone here at a rural train station in Japan (Tateyama area, in Toyama-ken) as I wait for a connecting train…. Your sound postcards a brilliant idea. I’d rather like to listen to them… And not just to kill time. Cheers

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    • Yes, Russian is a beautiful language, and one made for poetry – first of all, it’s flexible syntax allows for so much experimentation; secondly – it just sounds poetic, at least to me. It’s great to hear that you like my blog and my ideas. Thank you so much!

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